Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sugar and spice and everything nice

Hi all,

Another random post from me. I dont seem to have time to be a frequent blogger so I grab the chance to write an entry whenever I can.

Im happily in a sewing frenzy and snatch whatever time I have to head to the sewing room. I now have a dedicated time for quilting as I've signed up to a quilting class. Everyone in the class is really nice to be around and there is always something to smile and laugh about. It makes a nice change from other classes Ive done where either the teacher or the other students werent very communicative.

The last couple of weeks has seen me working on the above mentioned quilt (which is coming along very slowly) and presents for kids birthdays, which I love doing. It lets me try out something new (usually the night before the party!!).

So here are my offerings today.

Firstly, a friend asked me to make some cushions for her friend's daughter. The brief was simple and modern. I came up with a few alternatives but in the end, it was a very simple set of cushions. The feature fabric was an Amy Butler design which was one of the many fabric scraps my lovely friend Lisa of 1plus2equals3 sent to me. Im slowly working my way through them.

I blanket stitched the name and heart on by machine. As the cushions were to be simple, I didn't want the irregularity of hand stitching to be the feature (as well as the fact that I always go overboard with the hand stitching!).

As the kinder party season is in full swing, I decided to stick to the theme of bags for the kids. I was getting a little bored of the same old messenger bag so it was back to the internet for more inspiration. I didnt have to look to hard before I came across this bag (tute can be found here ) and knew this was the perfect back for the birthday girl.

The tute was pretty good although I had to redo the front flap as i'd sewn the pin tucks on the front the wrong way (resulting in the front flap being way too narrow). The tute is quite good with pictures and all but does not give you the finer details of, as mentioned above, which way to sew things on as well as how to do the box corners at the bottom (thankfully i've done them before) and how to attach the lining to the bag. All in all though, Im still pretty impressed by what people put up for free.

To accompany the bag, I made a tissue holder which was the easiest thing ive ever made.
Tute can be found here. Great tute and site by the way.

Finally, we celebrated my hubby's birthday last week and as he'd already bought himself his presnt (this is way ok by me) I thought it would be nice for him to open something. So the girls and I had a bit of a photo shoot and this is what we came up with.

He was very happy with his present.

Hope your week is treating you and yours well..

Sof xx


  1. Well, you are a mum to two young kids! Nobody expects you to blog constantly! So, don't worry about that. We're happy to "see" you when you have a minute. Love your new projects and what a super idea with the photo shoot for daddy's birthday!

  2. Great stuff. You are so generous with your sewing.

  3. Hi Sofie, what a lovely project jou have make!! And time..... I blog when I have time....not so much! Sorry, my englisch is not so good, I hope you can read this!
    Hugs, Hennie